The Journey Begins

Hello to everyone reading this!

The Local Guide is a collection of blog posts which give small insights into different places around the world! Created by my brother (Diederik) and myself (Floris), we hope to provide value to readers by creating fun and carefree blog posts about the different places we experience!

As a ‘travel’ blog, we will give various tips on what to do in different places, along with various food and restaurant oriented posts. We love writing reviews, so expect lots of those!  We aim to keep this fun and very relaxed while building a community of people who also enjoy traveling, food, and general lifestyle tips.

Make sure to follow the blog and our various media outlets to stay up to date with the latest and greatest from Boston, Florida, London and many more! It also wouldn’t hurt to tell a friend about us too!

Till next time,

– The Local Guide

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