Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar

TLG rating 4 / 5 Stars

Pricing $$

The classic Burger is a staple in American Cuisine, with many restaurants claiming to be in possession of the best burger recipe. In our opinion, Zinburger is the best burger restaurant we have ever been to. While most restaurants regardless of their theme offer a burger on the menu, once you have been to Zinburger nothing can compare.  

With an entirely Burger based menu, there are options for everyone, especially with a build-your-own Burger allowing you to essentially put whatever you want on it. If Burgers are not your forte, there are a few salad options, but TLG cannot vouch for those. Concerning burger specifics, TLG enjoys the Kobe beef burger with manchego cheese with avocado, extremely good; you have to try it. Zinburger also features a creative, and often themed “burger of the week.”

French fries are not included with any of the burgers on the menu, but available as a side. There are a variety of French fries from the regular cut, to loaded fries, as well as sweet potato fries. While there are six side options, we cannot recommend these, because they are merely disappointing, causing the rating to drop one star.

Wednesdays are special at Zinburger, as the term Wine Wednesdays are in full effect. Half priced bottles of wine are available ALL DAY! On the topic of drinks, there is a wide selection from alcohol to milkshakes. One of TLG’s favorite milkshakes is the double chocolate shake. Incredibly chocolatey and very large filling an entire pint glass. Zinburger also features a shake of the month, giving a themed option with a creative twist.

An added benefit of eating at Zinburger is their VIP program. For every dollar that is spent, you receive one point, and with every 100 points, you will get a 10 dollar reward, which you can use whenever you like. This deal is great, eating as a family of four quickly adds up, and you’ll be getting those rewards in no time! Also, VIP members will receive emails with special deals and coupons only available for them, another fantastic feature of the program. With all these exclusive deals, it is very easy to receive your reward. Remember, free food is good food!

Bottom line, with locations in the following states: Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, and Virginia, Zinburger is a MUST try for all east coast burger lovers! With a pricing rating of $$, Zinburger can become a weekly affair for anyone! If you find yourself nearby, you have to stop in and try it for yourself!

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