Playa Bowls

TLG rating 4 / 5 Stars

Pricing $$

The health benefits of Acai (ah-sah-EE) hard to ignore with, being loaded with antioxidants, and nutrients. This SUPERFOOD is sweeping across the United States with little outlets and smoothie parlors offering it. With so many retailers selling Acai, how do you know which place is the best?

Playa Bowls originated from New Jersey and was started by a surf-loving couple. This is hands-down the best place to buy this new SUPERFOOD. After discovering Acai during a surf trip in Hawaii, Costa Rica, and many other tropical getaways, each location offered its own version, and the two surfers wanted to bring this back to the US.

One of the most popular offerings is the Nutella Bowl, which is an Acai smoothie paired with Granola and topped with fresh Strawberries and Bananas and of course, Nutella, sprinkled with coconut flakes. TLG loves this bowl but prefers to switch out the Strawberries for Bananas and extra Nutella. Switching out fruit is done at no additional cost, but adding Nutella is a little extra, but so are we!

The Nutella Bowl is only one of the many bowl offerings from Playa bowls. They also offer smoothies, oatmeal, chia seed blends, as well as Pitaya bowls. The smoothies are incredible as well, but as for the other two categories, TLG cannot vouch for those as we have not yet tried them!

Bottom Line: the Bowls start around $9 and maxing out around $12, meaning that they are a more expensive quick snack, but are certainly filling enough to be a meal substitute especially if you add protein – which is an option. TLG loves the Nutella bowl, and we are sure that you will too!

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