Fogo de Chão: Worth It?

Fogo de Chão is an award-winning Brazilian steakhouse which is renowned for its traditional Southern Brazilian dining experience. However, this experience is offered for a hefty price tag of $50+ per person, so is it worth it?

All you can eat experience

One of the main selling points for Fogo de Chão is their “all you can eat” dining experience. When seated, you will see a small, round card with a red side and a green side – no this is not your coaster – it is what you use to signal to the Gauchos, “yes, give me food” or “no, not quite yet.” One thing to remember is that if you keep your token on the green side, they will keep coming with various food options, so flip it to the red side if you want a break to eat the food on your plate. We at the TLG love the fillet and sirloin steak, and this is our go-to. Also to note, if there is a specific cut of beef or way it is cooked (Rare, Medium, etc..) don’t be scared to ask your server, and they will deliver.

Fogo de Chão does not only just offer the food delivered by the Gauchos, but there is also a “market table” with various other salad and “sweet” options to complement the delicate slices of meat. DO NOT fall into the trap of getting too much from the market table and then all of a sudden you become too full to enjoy the experience of eating the hand-delivered food prepared by the Gauchos. Here at the TLG, our favorite pick from the market table is a small side of fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, something light and refreshing to compliment our food.

The Gaucho Culture

Fogo de Chão has fully embraced its Brazilian heritage through the art of churrasco and using age-old grilling practices. Dining at one of their restaurants will fully immerse you, and your guests, in the traditions of the gaucho culture as they deliver excellent fire-roasted meats straight to your plate. There isn’t a “set menu” however there are typically around 16-18 different meat options circulating throughout the restaurant but always expect the everyday staples such as the filet and sirloin.  

Leading into the later part of your meal, you will see a drinks cart moving through the tables offering some of finest, and most expensive, whiskeys, bourbons, and cognac. Always something to consider after a large meal.

For dessert, the options are as good as the main meal itself. With basics such as ice cream and creme brulee, to more traditional options such as Tres Leches cake. We quite enjoy the Molten Chocolate Cake.

The Verdict

In short: If you are a fan of traditional Brazilian steakhouses and willing to spend a bit more, hands down one of the most unique dining experiences one could have.

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