Café de la Paix

Pricing: $$$$

TLG Rating: 5/5 stars

Since their establishment on May 5th, 1862, the Hotel de la Paix (later to become the InterContinental Paris le Grand Hotel) and the Cafe de la Paix have enjoyed worldwide fame. Offering Second Empire elegance, the bar-restaurant has been visited by some of the world’s most affluent and influential members of society including authors, movie stars and members of royal families. Just a couple of steps away from the iconic Palais Garnier opera house, the tradition of enjoying a meal before or after a show has been encapsulated within the restaurant by art pieces and watercolor murals. On my most recent trip to Paris, I was fortunate enough to enjoy a meal here; continue reading to learn more about this exquisite dining experience.

The experience

Something that really struck me when first entering the restaurant was the level of care that the people working there took. The waitress and waiter serving us really made us feel special and took the time to get to know about different food allergies – which they took very seriously – and never rushed us in making our choices, or while we enjoyed our food, this is something that other restaurants should work on. Cafe de la Paix are masters in their ability to create a sense of fulfillment and gratitude amongst its clientele as the restaurant’s historic ambiance taps into customer’s emotions as they are surrounded by the palatial interior where historical people such as King Edward VII of the United Kingdom dined. This is something we at TLG think separates Cafe de la Paix from other high-end establishments and one of the reasons it is so renowned in the food industry. Their ability to not only make fantastic food but create an emotional connection with customers is something which is only offered in very select restaurants.

The Food

Cafe de la Paix has a decent sized menu which offers options for all pallets ranging from “La Mer” – the sea, “La Terre” – the land, and typical “Plats” – main courses, something for everyone. I had the “Paleron de bœuf Black Angus grillé” with a side of mashed potatoes which was one of the best things I have eaten in a VERY long time. The beef was seasoned to perfection and cutting it was like butter, every piece tasting better than the last. This is something we highly recommend and always a good option if for some reason the other options do not satisfy you. The side of mashed potatoes was something that tied up the meal extremely well. Yes, I am going to write about a small side of mashed potatoes because yes it was that good. I have never had such good mashed potatoes in my life! The delicate and silky texture was something that complimented the beef so well, any foodie will appreciate it. If you ever get the privilege to dine at Cafe de la Paix, you MUST have this side. However, if beef and mashed potatoes are not for you, fish options such as the Sole are exquisite. Offered in a traditional fashion, the sole is prepared by the chef then presented to you like a trophy, then taken off the bone by your server – you can’t go wrong with that.  


Cafe de la Paix is a bar/restaurant lives up to all the expectations a world-class restaurant should do. If you ever visit Paris, make reservations, and you will not regret it. Cafe de la Paix offers you the ability to eat as former kings and really allow you to take a step back and take in the historical significance of the hotel and restaurant. The food options are varied so there will be something for everyone.

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-The Local Guide

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